The full program is available via the following link. All times are in CEST (Central European Summer Time, UTC+2). More details on the different sessions are provided below.

Full Program


Three tutorials are provided on Tuesday 16 June 2020:

To attend the tutorials a registration is needed as explained in the links (above) with the description of the tutorials.

Opening session

The opening of the conference takes place on Wednesday 17 June, 10:45-11:15 CEST. Please join it to learn how this virtual conference operates and how we can enjoy it most.

Joining instructions: Please join the live stream via YouTube at If you cannot access YouTube (e.g. due to local network policies), we provide an option to connect via Zoom. To request access to the Zoom meeting, please email with the subject "Request for Zoom access" to receive Zoom links for the Opening, Closing and Keynote sessions.


ISIE 2020 offers keynote speeches by distinguished researchers:

Paper sessions

Papers will be presented and discussed in virtual sessions. Links to pre-recorded videos of the presentations are now available via the full program. Please watch the videos before the conference starts and join the discussion sessions at the scheduled time (links and times in the program.). During these sessions, the authors will provide a short pitch of their results, followed by a discussion. The discussion sessions make use of the Jitsi platform, which runs in your browser.

Closing session

The conference will close after the final Keynote, on Friday 19 June, 14:00 CEST. Please join the live stream via Zoom using this link or manually enter the meeting ID (987 6856 7719) and password (435524) in Zoom.

Session chairs: Pavol Bauer (ISIE 2020 Technical Program Chair) & Peter Palensky (ISIE 2020 General Chair)

Session program:

  • Statistics and highlights of the ISIE 2020 Conference
  • Quiz "How well do you know Delft and Netherlands*". The quiz will be done via Kahoot. We recommend downloading on your mobile phone.
  • Announcement of the winners of "Best presentation of the session" award
  • Presentation of ISIE 2021 venue
  • Conference closure
*: As you could not visit Delft, The Netherlands – the venue of the conference - this is a chance to learn about what have you missed.