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The conference venue is the Aula Conference Centre of TU Delft.


A listing of accommodation options in Delft is available at

NOTE: Group C match 17 of UEFA Euro 2020 (contestants TBA) will take place in Amsterdam on 18 June 2020. This may affect availability and pricing of flights and accommodation. See the full Euro 2020 schedule here.


Delft is easily accessible by plane from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport (global connections) and Rotterdam Airport (mostly European flights), or by high-speed train via Rotterdam.

Travel from Schiphol Airport to Delft takes approximately 40 minutes by train or taxi. Train tickets cost €11,50 (four trains per hour; two direct), whereas a prebooked taxi costs approximately €70,00 (depending on time of day).

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Information about visa procedures will follow.

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Practical information for visiting the Netherlands is available here.


Tourist information is available from Delft Tourist information and